Laser Welding


aser Welding uses the intense energy source to selectively heat materials to a point between their melting and vaporizing temperatures. Unlike other welding processes, the overall size and depth to width ratio of the weld nugget can be custom-tuned with laser welding.


  • No part distortion (heat sink) – due to no heat affected zones.
  • Weld-ability near heat-sensitive components. Line of sight access for hard to reach areas.
  • Fine grain structure/excellent weld quality.

Weldable Materials – Stainless Steel, Inconel, Kovar, Titanium, Aluminum, Hastalloy X-C-B, Ampco Bronze & Moldmax. All materials that are commonly welded soft or hardened–A2, D2, H13, P20, S7, M2, etc.

Applications – Molds–Deep Ribs, Shut Offs, Parting Lines, Lifters, Slide Faces, Textured & Diamond Polished surfaces, Sheet Metal Dies–Die Steels, Punches, Prototype part assemblies, Engineering Changes, Precision Medical, Dental and Aerospace parts.