Durable, High-Quality Molds in Michigan


etail Technologies, LLC specializes in designing and building a wide variety of foam molds and fixtures. We utilize 3D solids design to accurately and efficiently take our clients’ projects from concept to finished product. It is our mission to deliver high-quality, customizable foam molds and fixtures that produce reliable parts.

Our Products

The molds and fixtures we build are capable of producing parts for a variety of purposes. Our process, which is similar to the process of building an injection mold, allows production versatility without sacrificing efficiency or turnaround times. We create check fixtures, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures, foam molds, and special application machines. Two of the biggest market segments we serve are in the office furniture and automotive industries. Some of the automotive products our molds produce include headlights, tail lights, interior trim, console accessories, wheel claddings, and under-hood components such as manifolds, oil pans, fluid bottles, and more.

Companies looking for foam molds and fixtures should contact Detail Technologies, LLC to learn more about our process. Call us today to learn about all our capabilities, and how we can serve you!