CNC Technology


etail Technologies specializes in close tolerance machining for the aerospace, medical, sheet metal and plastic industries. State of the art technology coupled with the collective skills of our talented employees enables us to deliver products, projects and services often not achievable by other machining companies. Whether your needs are production or prototype machining, we will utilize our unique capabilities to meet your requirements. Our success and growth is due to our commitment to customer satisfaction.Finish machining ganged inserts on Fidia K199

High Speed/Hard Milling techniques are used with abrasive tooling and uniform chip load programming to handle tedious machining of thin walled parts, narrow ribs in tooling details and increased surface finishes in hardened materials. Whether your details have exotic contours or tight tolerance 2D profiles, Detail Technologies can handle your most complex machining needs. Contact our sales department with any questions or to set up a tour of our facility.

The WorkNC Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining module also enables the user to directly generate 5-axis toolpaths in relation to the 3D geometry of the part. These continuous 5-axis toolpaths enable users to quickly machine the most complex parts with the highest level of reliability reducing the number of different setups for machining an entire part. Easy to use, WorkNC’s various strategies will allow you to rapidly generate 5-axis toolpaths specifically for your machine in no time.

OKK-1250-bWorkNC gives you clear display of 3, 3+2 or 5-axis toolpath simulations together with the kinematics of the selected machine. 5-Axis VisuNC also detects potential collisions between the various moving elements (parts, tools, tool-holders, machining heads). Finished installation of Detail’s twin OKK HM-1250s High Speed Horizontal Machining centers each with dual pallets.
The mezzanine deck was designed and manufactured by Detail Technologies for ease of access and operation.