Detail Oriented


or 20 years, Detail Technologies has worked to develop a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of plastic injection molds. Our meticulous attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors and is manifested in net shape machining and spot free mold build, resulting in our very high first shot quality.

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Technology Driven


echnology-driven innovation is central to our competitive position in high-tech manufacturing. In this context, technology-driven innovation refers to the relationship between our technology providers and our ability to apply it—bringing new capabilities into reality.

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Detail Management


ur strategies focus on managing manufacturing details to a higher degree, on a consistent basis. This attention to detail leads to improved results. The relationships between our management, teams, suppliers, and most importantly our customers, is proof that no detail is too small.

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IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE DETAILS — It’s not just in our name, it’s in our DNA. It’s a name that respects our past, while simultaneously reinventing our future. An awareness of what we are doing, and how and why we are doing it.

IT’S OLD. IT’S NEW — We will deliver a unique combination of advanced design, engineering and manufacturing with timeless quality. Molds built for discerning customers that want to EXPERIENCE quality and precision.

ACTING WITH INTENTION A discrete part or portion of work, considered individually and in relation to a whole. It’s what DETAIL means. We don’t have to do things as anyone has done them before. What’s important is that we act with meticulous intention and attention to DETAIL.

PASSIONATE — We make molds one at a time. Unapologetically conspicuous in their engineering and quality – uncommonly durable, eminently reliable doing what they’re intended to do – produce quality parts. RESPONSIBLE — It is not hard to describe a responsible company. It is hard to be one. No wasted words here: experience Detail Technologies, and you be the judge. STEADFAST — We will say it over and over again. DETAIL is not for everybody, and we never will be. We make molds for customers who care what we care about… the results speak for themselves.

“I have been a customer of Details for four years now and have been very pleased with the service that I have received from the team. Josh Schwab (Vice President) has been absolutely great at responding to our every need in a very timely manner. I can call him directly and discuss issues we are having and get resolution. Josh Bylsma (Engineering Manager) thinks outside the box when it comes to designing our tooling. He has come up with some very good changes to our normal way of thinking that has resulted in better tool building for us. Tom Corcoran (Program Manger) is a very detailed person and has been very good at responding to our every need. He keeps very detailed notes of all the programs running and makes sure everything stays on track with accurate timelines. Marv Way (VP of Sales) is a very good addition to the Detail team and I look forward to a very long and prosperous relationship. I have visited Detail’s facility several times over the years and have watched it grow with the addition of new machinery and personnel that give them a good advantage to our growing needs. They have added their own trucks and have taken great pride in how they are presented. In all Detail Technologies is a class “A” supplier for us and I would high recommend them for anyone’s tooling needs.”