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fw-1Injection Mold Manufacturer, Michigan Building Photo - Detail Technologies, LLC
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fw-1Michigan Injection Mold Manufacturing Photo - Detail Technologies, LLC
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Injection Mold Manufacturer in Michigan


etail Technologies, LLC is a leading injection mold manufacturer because of our commitment to providing clients with an excellent product and personal service. With top-of-the-line technology and staff, you are sure to be satisfied with the services we offer.

Detail Oriented


t’s not just in the name; it’s deeply ingrained in our culture…Detail oriented: simultaneously looking at the big picture and its details, recognizing the patterns that connect the little things—we’re obsessed with perfecting the details. For 20 years, Detail Technologies has worked to develop a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of plastic injection molds. Our meticulous attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors and is manifested in net shape machining and spot free mold build, resulting in our very high first shot quality.

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Technology Driven


t’s our philosophy for developing new capabilities and continuous improvement based on our technical abilities and processes. Technology-driven innovation is central to our competitive position in high-tech manufacturing. In this context, technology-driven innovation refers to the relationship between our technology providers and our ability to apply it—bringing new capabilities into reality. Our detail management strategies constantly evaluate technological innovation in our industry, not just because it’s the latest technology, but because we’re able to translate relevant technology into competitive and strategic business value in the context of how it helps solve our customer’s problems.

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Detail Management


anaging the details: smaller details are too frequently ignored, but those who neglect to manage the details do so at the risk of missing opportunities to achieve better, more successful outcomes. Our strategies focus on managing those details to a higher degree, and on a consistent basis, which invariably leads to improved results. The relationships between our management, teams, suppliers, and most importantly our customers is proof that no detail is too small and each is meaningful.

Detail Management Relationships

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To learn more about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“I have been a customer of Details for four years now and have been very pleased with the service that I have received from the team. Josh Schwab (Vice President) has been absolutely great at responding to our every need here at Cooper Standard in a very timely manner. I can call him directly and discuss issues we are having and get resolution. Josh Bylsma (Engineering Manager) thinks outside the box when it comes to designing our tooling. He has come up with some very good changes to our normal way of thinking that has resulted in better tool building for us. Tom Corcoran (Program Manger) is a very detailed person and has been very good at responding to our every need. He keeps very detailed notes of all the programs running and makes sure everything stays on track with accurate timelines. Brian Flory (Sales Engineer) is a very good addition to the Detail team and I look forward to a very long and prosperous relationship. I have visited Detail’s facility several times over the years and have watched it grow with the addition of new machinery and personnel that give them a good advantage to our growing needs. They have added their own trucks and have taken great pride in how they are presented. In all Detail Technologies is a class “A” supplier for us and I would high recommend them for anyone’s tooling needs.”

Doc Kamann, Cooper Standard